Viken Arman

Represented in North America and South America.

Viken Arman is part of generation of artists that reinvents electronic music by inspiring himself of the past to discover new horizons.

Growing up with Jazz and classical musical, he finds his path through a plethora of artists, who are varied and surprising, such as Keith Jarett, Erik Satie, Bill Evans, Jay Dilla, Ricardo Villalobos, Oum Kalthoum as well as a great number of oriental musicians. His knowledge of piano and his time of the music conservatory bestow him with a wide musical culture and an artistic ease which he harnesses to develop his creations.

History and his roots constitute an important source of inspiration. “Never forget, never but stay tuned towards the future, rebuild yourself and go forward.” he said regarding TIME, the 100 minute musical creation that he composed for the 100th year anniversary of the Armenian genocide.

The artist is also very active behind the scene. He is the founder of Denature records, a record label that allows him to fully express himself and convey his values by producing young talents throughout the world. He is mostly famous as a promoter, being at the origin of numerous festivals and events such as The Souq.

His music is engrained with ethnical influences and reveals the passionate explorer that he embodies.

For the rest this dreamer continues to furrow the world searching for new aspirations and who knows, maybe one day you will cross his path…

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